Live Events

When people come together, things happen.

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Live Events Bring People Together

I began my career in live events running sound for my hometown Baptist Church in the sixth grade. Since then, I have learned a thing or two more about audio system design, and other elements of production. Through years of work in production environments, I am a skilled platform event specialist, able to assist in many facets of live events. My background is both technical and aesthetic: I can work with you to ensure all the wires are in the right place and in the events createive design and flow.

 Photo by  Chris Isham

Photo by Chris Isham

Creative Direction

Determining what elements you need for your event to have maximum impact can be harder than you think. Years of experience in both the technical event world and the marketing world give me the vocabulary to translate your vision to relatiy. 

Audio-Video-Lighting (AVL) Design

Having built and operated lighting control systems, concert-grade PAs, and IMAG and playback oriented video systems, I can help you determine what you need and connect you to people to make your vision happen.


Technical Direction

During an event, there are lots of benchmarks that must be met to keep things on track. You need someone to keep track of the show's overall execution and to call cues during the event. I can take that off your plate, giving you freedom do what you do best.

Show Flow

Through years of work in churches, rallies, camps, and other events, I can help you plan platform events for maximum flow and resonance between elements and help create moments people will remember that reinforce your goals.


Produced Content

I produce lots of content for many different contexts, and can help you plan and produce what you need to make your event go off with the impact it deserves. Check out some of the video content I have produced.

Non-Platform Events and Logistics

Beyond platform-oriented events, I also have experience with logistics for outdoor food and drink events, festivals, live music events, markets, and more. I can help develop a plan of action, from load-in and volunteer management to parking and load-out. Let's talk about how your next event can be your smoothest ever.

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